Glaciers are melting

sea levels are rising, cloud forests are dying, and wildlife is scrambling to keep pace

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Koalas in Decline

Koalas can’t cope with day after day of temperatures above 97°F (36°C), as has been happening in the west of Australia during many recent heatwaves. Extreme droughts fueled by global warming are also harming eucalyptus trees they feed on. As a result, some populations of Koalas have declined to 80 per cent.

Last Sumatran Rhino

Malaysia’s last male Sumatran rhino died in May, leaving just one sole survivor of the species - a female. His passing represents a significant blow to the two-horned creatures’ chances of long-term survival. Thanks to poaching and habitat loss, the species’ population now stands at fewer than 80 members, most of whom are scattered across the islands of Sumatra and Borneo.

Hashtag Elephant

Tourists taking photos of captive wild animals abound on social media platforms such as Instagram. With the tap of a finger, travelers post their images of exotic animals for the world to see. But often travelers and fans alike are unaware of what the animals’ lives are really like.